Girls who lift: The benefits of weight training!

For many women, the idea of weight training is a foreign concept. For years the emphasis on female beauty has been placed on slender bodies and toned figures – and with cardio being advertised as the best way to lose fat, why would women lift women bother lifting weights? For some, it is the fear of ‘bulking’ whilst others feel that losing fat is purely a cardio game. Spoiler alert, it isn’t!
Today we debunk the mystery and in turn, release the truth like a weight off our shoulders – because weight training will soon be your go-to exercise program, one that can achieve your goals whilst improving your health.

What exactly is weight training?

Weight training is a form of physical training that involves the lifting of weights. These can be a 0.5kg dumbbell or a 70kg loaded barbell, dependant on the individual capability of each person.

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But I don’t want to become ‘bulky’ – I just want to slim down and tone up!

It is a common presumption (and complete myth) that weight training automatically morphs your body into that of a professional lifter. Women who lift on a professional level and competing in events are clearly strong in body and mind, but that doesn’t mean that to partake in weight training will give you the same result. The figure that competitive weightlifters have achieved has taken them years to arrive at – with their program is significantly different to those women who purely want to tone up and trim down. Long story short, you can achieve both results with weight training. But alongside the physical outcome, there is SO much more to gain from adding weights into your exercise program.

7 reasons to incorporate weight training into your weekly exercise regime

Whether you are naturally slender or not, physical strength is a smart, proactive way to avoid injury and live a longer, more active life. The below reasons are a great place to start when thinking of incorporating weights into your program.

  1. Injury Prevention: A strong body will suffer less injuries and handle a variety of activities in a safer more balanced manner.
  2. Strength to do day-to-day activities: Improved strength will allow you to perform day-to-day activities with ease! Less pulled muscles picking up the kids and more energy around the house.
  3. Decreased risk of Osteoporosis: Weight training not only builds muscle strength but bone strength as well. With improved bone density, there is less risk of fractures and breaks!
  4. Athletic performance: Enjoy sport? Improved strength can assist in your athletic progress, allowing you to recover quicker, jump higher and run faster.
  5. Improved heart health: With the ability to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol as well as lowering blood pressure, weight training can be beneficial for cardiovascular health!
  6. Reduced risk of diabetes:  Weight training may also affect the way your body processes sugar, reducing the risk of onset diabetes – which is an ever-growing issue for many adults.
  7. Faster metabolism: Weight training ignites your metabolism and allows it to continue burning for up to 24 hours! That’s right – 24 hours after you’ve FINISHED your session.

So, what is the difference between skinny and strong? Strong is finding strength-related exercises to build muscle tone, support your skeleton and improve your overall health. Focus less on the models in the magazines and more on your own progress. Invictus can create an exercise program to achieve your goals, allowing you to find your rhythm and feel confident in the weights section of the gym!

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