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We are your home when it comes to physical wellness. Located within North Fremantle, our emphasis is proactive care, ensuring that all our clients maintain a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle.

Whether you are training for a specific event, working towards a personal goal or recovering from an injury, we can help. Offering an abundance of services alongside physiotherapy, Pilates and a holistic approach to wellness, we are passionate about you. Allowing you to reach your goals, walk away from pain & being the catalyst for positive change in your life is what drives us each day.

Dedicated to finding a solution that works for you and providing ways for you to continue your journey outside the walls of our clinic, we are avid supporters of those wanting to improve their current situation. Invictus owner and founder, Johanna is also an active supporter of the Veteran community, having worked as a physiotherapist in the Australian Army for many years. A firm believer that age should never be a barrier, Johanna believes that all people can live functional, pain-free lifestyles if they put their mind to it. This is where we join you. Rediscover your passion for wellness, rediscover your passion for positive change.

We are realistic. We are honest. We don’t give up. We are Invictus.

Johanna (Joey)

With a passion for wellness long before she became a physiotherapist, Johanna (Joey to her clients) began her career as a Dental Assistant in the Australian Army in 2007, with a goal to become a Physical Training Instructor.

After completing the Combat Fitness Leader course, she was recommended to complete the Tri Service PTI course but instead applied for University, having already obtained her Certificate IV in Fitness, allowing her to be a registered Personal Trainer.

Beginning her University journey with a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Joey strived to achieve the results necessary to transfer into Physiotherapy. Studying whilst working fulltime in the Australian Army, Joey’s goal of becoming an Army Physiotherapist was achieved after five years, when she graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Physiotherapy with an Executive Dean’s Commendation Award.

Her career saw her practice as an Army Physiotherapist at the Singleton School of Infantry, educating new soldiers on injury prevention and management whilst also practicing Physiotherapy. However, her Army career wasn’t easy. At times her goals felt unachievable. But the lessons learned throughout this chapter have shaped Joey in ways that nothing else could. Her drive and strength are what has made her persevere and accomplish things she never thought possible – a trait that is infectious when dealing with clients battling with persistent injuries.

After discharging from the Defence Force, her focus has shifted to a broader range of clients, whilst maintaining her passion and dedication to Australian Veterans.

Throughout her career, Joey’s focus and drive has never faltered. Her passion for physical fitness and wellness has seen her continuously upskill, study and dedicate herself to her work. She is consistently learning new things and striving to be better.

A self-confessed ‘gym junkie’, she is passionate about weight training and living an active, outdoor lifestyle. Byron Bay is her dream destination (and where she was married in 2018) and encompasses her views on living a happy, relaxed and sun-soaked lifestyle by the ocean. Here in Perth, she has found her slice of Byron, creating Invictus here in Mosman Park— Perth’s newest and most dedicated wellness hub.

“The most rewarding part about this new chapter is creating a place where I can do what I love each day whilst making a positive difference to the lives of others. I strive to encourage and motivate my clients, because success is different for every single person. No matter how hard things may seem at the time, never give up—Invictus is your support network and with the right support network, you are pushed to be better — You can achieve anything.”

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