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Invictus: Latin adjective, meaning ‘unconquered’, ‘unsubdued’, ‘invincible’.
A word that symbolises us and encompasses what we stand for. Not a stab in the dark, or a word that purely sounds impressive but a planned and fitting name — When it comes to your physical wellbeing, we believe there is nothing that we can’t achieve together. Together, we are Invictus.

Invictus Physiotherapy | Dry Needling
Dry Needling

An extremely effective way to release tension and stimulate the muscles, encouraging blood flow and...

Ultrasound | Physio Services - Invictus Physiotherapy

Working to increase blood flow and reduce swelling and inflammation. Ultrasound is used when...

Invictus Physiotherapy | Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy

A variety of manual techniques are used to promote mobility, release tension and aid in your...

Cupping | Physio Services - Invictus Physiotherapy

Using suction and negative pressure, cupping can release tension in the muscles, increase blood flow and...

Invictus Physiotherapy | Cryotherapy

Using extreme cold to decrease inflammation & increase cell rejuvenation – A great option for athletes...

Exercise Prescription | Physio Services - Invictus Physiotherapy
Exercise Prescription

As a qualified personal trainer, as well as a passionate gym goer, an exercise regime unique to you...


Giving Back

Invictus is proud to partner with Diggers Rest, an Australian non-profit organisation that gives Veterans and their families a safe and well deserved break away when they need it most – allowing them to detox their minds, relax and recharge amongst the serenity of nature. $1 from every new patient is contributed to Diggers Rest. Our Veterans have given a great deal to our country and it’s vital to give back, providing support which aims to reduce the number of Veteran suicides - A cause that Johanna holds close to her heart. Whilst Johanna has thankfully fallen on her feet post-discharge, she knows too well that hundreds of Australian Veterans need a hand. This gesture, although small, will be a longstanding commitment, a hand outstretched - hoping to make a difference.

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